I am sure no one will be surprised to hear that we LOVE Pinterest. There are so many creative and talented people out there, and we love seeing their creations. I am sure part of it is that we love trying new things and are always looking for fun things to bake. The great desserts on Pinterest inspire us on a daily basis. We saw this fun brownie/pound cake and came up with the idea for these Brownie Cupcakes for Halloween. They turned out so cute and are the perfect dessert for a Halloween party, potluck or other fun get together.

Make a batch of our Best Buttercream Frosting to top your Brownie Cupcakes.  It is easy to make and so delicious.  You will find the recipe and detailed instructions on how to make it here.  We used a pastry bag and a Wilton 2D Decorating Tip to swirl on the frosting.

We topped our Brownie Cupcakes for Halloween with some Orange and Black DIY Sprinkles.  It is so easy to make your own sprinkles we do it for everything now.  Here is our detailed instructions how to do make them.

UPDATE:  We had a couple of comments from our readers saying that they had trouble removing the cupcake liner from the brownie portion of the cupcake. We didn’t have any problem with that ourselves but we wanted to do some tests so we made the Brownie Cupcakes again for our family Halloween Party.  We tried different cupcake liners (thin inexpensive ones, foil liners, heavier cupcake liners) and we didn’t have any problem with any of them.

But here are a couple of tips:

Make sure the cupcakes are completely cool before you remove the liner.
Don’t remove the liner until right before you are ready to serve the Brownie Cupcakes, the cake will dry out if you take off the liner too soon.
In the pictures above we show how we removed the liners.  First, pull down the sides of the cupcake liner but leave the flat bottom portion on.  Flatten down the sides of the cupcake liner and then gently roll the liner off the bottom of the cupcake while you hold the cupcake with your other hand.

We were so happy with how these Brownie Cupcakes turned out.  They were unique, bright, colorful and just screamed “Halloween”.  But most importantly they were very yummy. The brownie and the cake tasted great together and you definitely to taste the two different textures in the cupcakes.  We give this a Two Sisters Thumbs Up and will be definitely be making this cupcake again in other colors!

Please Read The Original Full Recipe in Source (Thank You):

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